Student Action Resource Center

Welcome to the Kid Governor® Student Action Resource Center!

The Kid Governor program teaches students like you that we can all make a difference in our communities. In fact, it is our responsibility to be active participants in our society in order to make it better!

Whether you’re running in a Kid Governor Statewide Election, voting in the election, or heard about Kid Governor through the news, the following resources will help you think about community issues you care about and take action. Click on a questions below to learn more!

What are YOU doing to make a difference?

We want to know! Email us at to let us know what issue you care about and what you’re doing to make a difference. Perhaps you will get a shout-out on your Kid Governor’s blog.

No matter your age, we each have a voice and the ability to make a difference!

Students across the country are making a difference on issues that are important to them. Check out what these students have been up to!

Meet Reilly, a candidate in Connecticut’s 2018 Statewide Election and a member of CTKG Ella’s Kid Governor Cabinet! Reilly ran on a platform of Fostering Friendships, supporting children in the Foster Care system, and had been making a big difference in her community. Recently, she worked with her teacher and school social worker to hold a toiletries fundraiser at her school. During the fundraiser, which supported the Winifred House, students in her school collected over 380 items in one week. Items ranged from shampoo and body wash to deodorant and lotion. You can read all about Reilly’s platform and what she’s been up to in her latest blog post for CTKG Ella’s Pride-Hope-Love blog here.