Bring Kid Governor® to Your State!

Since 2015, Kid Governor® has grown from a concept to bring innovative civics education to Connecticut 5th graders into a national movement that teaches students about state government, the election process, and the civic skills they need to take action on important issues. In 2017, Oregon became the first Kid Governor affiliate program. In 2018, New Hampshire joined the program and we hope to bring the Kid Governor program to more states soon!

As with any statewide election, a lot of work goes into running each statewide Kid Governor program. Civics organizations (like the Connecticut Democracy Center and the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office) spend hundreds of hours consulting with educators and civics experts, developing and updating lesson plans, organizing the statewide elections, organizing and hosting an annual inauguration, and supporting their state’s Kid Governor throughout their one-year term. The Kid Governor program is possible because of the dedication and determination of our affiliate organizations!

If you are an organization that would like to bring Kid Governor to your state, or if you know of an organization that you think would make a good affiliate, please contact us at so that we can chat! Please feel free to share this website and its resources with any organization you think might be interested.

DOWNLOAD our Kid Governor® Informational Booklet HERE

Please note: Just as our Kid Governor® elections feature many terrific nominees who are not elected as Kid Governor, becoming a Kid Governor affiliate program can be a competitive process. We are happy to hear from any organization that would like to learn more about Kid Governor® and how to bring the program to your state, but we can only choose one affiliate per state. We appreciate your understanding.