Springing into Positivity with Kid Governor

Our three Kid Governors in Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Oregon are hard at work on their platforms to spread kindness and positivity in their communities! Keep reading to find out what they’ve been working on this spring so far.

Connecticut: Positive Messages & the Virtual Community Crate

2021 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Reese Naughton has been hard at worn on her Be Positive: Pandemic Perseverance platform. In February, she kicked off her platform with her first platform point: Brightening the lives of nursing home residents through positive messages. Students across Connecticut were encouraged to create Valentine’s Day cards and decorations to send to their local nursing homes. Schools across Connecticut created over 1,000 cards to spread positivity and happiness in their communities.

A digital valentine from Brady in East Hartford, CT.

Following the successful completion of her first platform point, CTKG Reese launched her second point: Creating a Virtual Community Crate for positive messages by and fo students. Reese has invited students from across Connecticut to fill out her mask activity and submit positive messages to be included in the virtual community crate. The crate can be explored by students and adults alike to help raise spirits, spread positivity, and make someone’s day. You can explore the crate and some of the first submissions below:

New Hampshire: You Don’t Have to Do this Alone Poster Contest

2021 New Hampshire’s Kid Governor Charlie Olsen and his Executive Council recently launched their You Don’t Have to Do this Alone Poster Contest to raise awareness of childhood depression. The contest encourages fifth grade students to create original artwork addressing one or more questions: “Who can you reach out to when you are down”, “Who is your trusted adult?”, and “How can we support each other during challenging times?”. Students can learn more at NH.KidGovernor.org.

Along with his poster contest, NHKG Charlie is also working with the New Hampshire Children’s System of Care (CSOC) Communications Committee and its partner organizations on their Magnify Voices Expressive Arts Contest for students in 5th-12th grade. Watch the promotional video below:

Oregon: Club Be You

2021 Oregon’s Kid Governor Taneesh Garg has been hard at work on his platform of stopping racism through informative blog posts and his just announced Club Be You! The formation of Club Be You is part of Taneesh’s Plan A.C.T as a part of the Awareness section of this three point plan. Each month, club members will meet to learn about differs cultures while having the opportunity to express themselves and teach their peers about their own cultures through food, language, music and entertainment, fun facts, and more!

ORKG Taneesh has brought together a team of 5th graders who represent various cultures to help plan and organize the club. Club Be You will have their first meeting in mid-April. You can learn more HERE.

National: Kid Governors attend President Biden’s Speech at the National Governors Association Virtual Winter Meeting

On February 25th, all three Kid Governors were invited to attend a public session of the National Governors Association Virtual Winter Meeting with President Joe Biden. This unique experience allowed our Kid Governors to learn about the biggest issues facing our country, some of which directly connect with their platforms of pandemic health, childhood depression, and racism.

To get idea of what the experience was like, you can check out ORKG Taneesh’s blog post about the meeting HERE and CTKG Reese’s blog post HERE.