How can students take action?

After you have selected a community issue you care about and researched it, it is time to develop an action plan. An action plan includes specific ways that you and others can make a difference on your selected issue. If you are running for Kid Governor, your action plan will become your three-point platform!

However, you may be thinking: What can a student do to take action and make a difference? I’m not 18 yet and I cannot vote– can I make a change in my community?

The answer is: yes! It is important to remember that we can all make a difference in our communities, no matter our age. The Connecticut Democracy Center created the Kid Governor® program and this Student Action Resource Center to help you find your voice and learn the skills for taking action. We look forward to hearing about the community issues you research and the action plans you develop!

Below are links to the different ways that you can take action on your community issue. Each form of action includes how past Kid Governors and candidates have included that action in their platforms. As you read the examples, think about what types of action are best for you and your specific community issue. Think about:

  • Is this something I can realistically do? Can other students do it, too?
  • Will my teacher, principal, and family support me doing this action?
  • Which type of action will make the most meaningful difference on my issue?
  • Whose help do I need to do this?
  • Does this type of action address the specific problems I learned about in my research?

Ways to take action- click on a link for specific examples!