Oregon’s Kid Governor®

In 2017, Oregon became the second state to adopt the Kid Governor® program after Connecticut. Oregon’s Kid Governor® is led by the Oregon Secretary of State’s Office. Learn more at OR.KidGovernor.org and sos.oregon.gov.

2023 Oregon’s Kid Governor Lea Andrus

Lea Andrus of Sherwood, OR was elected by the 5th graders of her state to serve as the 2023 Oregon’s Kid Governor. Lea’s one-year term in office is focused on her Ending Bullying platform. Learn more about Kid Governor Lea HERE and contact her at Lea@OR.KidGovernor.org*.

*This email address is maintained by Oregon’s Kid Governor® staff. Only appropriate content will be shared with Kid Governor Lea. 

Contact the Oregon’s Kid Governor® Team

Nikki Fisher
State Coordinator
Oregon Secretary of State’s Office