Taking Action Online

The internet is a good tool for getting your message out to a wide audience. The following ways to take action involve using the internet– make sure you ask an adult for permission and help before you use these tools!

Create a Blog

Blogs give you the chance to share your thoughts and ideas about your community issue with people in your community and around the world. Most blog websites are free. To start a blog, ask an adult to help you pick a hosting website (Blogger, Weebly, WordPress), decide on a name for your blog, and start writing! Your blog posts can share research on your community issue, information about why the issue is important, ways that kids and adults can make a difference, and how you are taking action. Blogs do require a commitment– you should post on a regular basis so readers have new information!

  • Kid Governor Spotlight: 2016 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Elena Tipton ran on the platform Campaign for Kindness. She created a Kindness is Kool blog to share suggestions for showing kindness towards other.

Make an Educational Video

CTKG Jessica filming her educational video with Jen Adams and therapy dog, Gizmo.

An important part of an action plan is educating others about the issue and possible solutions. Is there an expert on your issue in the community who would be willing to be interviewed? Can you make a short video to tell students about your issue and share your research? Videos are a great way to share information and keep viewers engaged! Ask your family and teacher if you can share your video online. If they say “yes,” ask for their help in getting your video posted on websites like YouTube.

  • Kid Governor Spotlight: 2019 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Cabinet Member Melody Valdes ran on the platform Food for All. She worked with her local supermarket dietitian to create an educational video about how to affordably purchase healthy and nutritious food.
  • Kid Governor Spotlight: 2017 Connecticut’s Kid Governor Jessica Brocksom ran on the platform Helping Animals: Those Without a Voice. She created an educational video about responsible pet ownership to provide tips and share advice from a local expert.

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