What is Kid Governor?

“This program encourages and inspires the next generation of leaders to step up, speak out and get involved.”

– Susan Bysiewicz, Lieutenant Governor of the State of Connecticut

Kid Governor® empowers 5th graders to change the world. This ground-breaking approach to civics education immerses students in a real election for their state’s Kid Governor, a fellow 5th grader who will represent them during a one-year term of active leadership. The program is more than a contest and is not just about the position of governor – students learn important lessons about state government, voting, elections, and civic participation. All 5th-grade classes and home-school programs are welcome to participate.

Timed to coincide with Election Day in November, this annual program provides 5th graders the experience of nominating one student candidate from their school and voting in an authentic statewide election. Classes can vote in the election, nominate a student to run for office, or both! Free, innovative, and state-specific lesson plans and digital resources guide teachers through the program and help students explore state government and active participation in civic life.

Participants identify issues impacting their community and state, research solutions, create platforms to address those issues, and make campaign videos. Schools run primaries to select a nominee and each school’s winner advances to the state level.

In November, 5th graders watch and evaluate the campaign videos of their state’s seven final candidates. They then participate in a real election, casting their votes for the student and platform they support. The student who receives the most votes is elected Kid Governor the six finalists become their Cabinet! The students serve a one-year term of leadership and advocacy, working with their state’s Kid Governor® affiliate organization to fulfill their campaign platforms and encourage students to make a difference on their campaign issues in their own communities.

For more about how your fifth-grade class can participate in Kid Governor, please visit the How to Participate page.

Kid Governor® is a national award-winning civics program created by
The Connecticut Democracy Center.